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Belly dancer ballbusting (part 2) ADDED ON : 8th Jun 2017
Belly dancer comes again!!! This time I'm completely nude (just in socks) sitting on the carpet when this hot female belly dancer dances in front of me and kicks me whenever she wants to my unprotected groin! I was already massacred from the first part and unable to enjoy her shaking body. I was just in pains during this part. Hear and watch her barefeet slap to my nude balls again and again repeatedly!!! She also stands on them full weight in this one and at the end, when I'm totally destroyed, she shakes her ass and tits for you!!! Enjoy in HQ! Barefeet to bare balls!!! Very hot! 6+ minutes.

LENGTH : 6.18 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 75.30 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 6.99 USD

Bellydancer ballbusting (part 1) ADDED ON : 5th Jun 2017
First part of this great original ballbusting action. I'm sitting on the sofa when this sexy bellydancer comes with the music and starts shaking her body! It looks fine until she let me stand up in front of her and kicks me hard to my groin! What follows next? Imagine: this really hot bellydancer really likes ballbusting! This time I get it barefeet, but these kicks are very hard! It hurts, be sure!!! Great ballbusting entertainment in HQ, very original! She kicks me many times, often I don't expect it!

LENGTH : 7.49 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 93.39 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 7.99 USD

Sexy blonde causing pain (part 1) ADDED ON : 2nd Jun 2017
The beginning of the action is very easy. Our girl dressed in her miniskirt kicks and stomps her victim between his legs with her sexy looking pink and white Nike Dart running shoes. He feels their hard soles very quickly. She increases the power slowly during the clip. He suffers in pain. She also loves to stand on his balls with most of her weight or to pretend some kicks to scare him! When he doesn't expect it, wham!

LENGTH : 5.42 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 68.13 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 5.99 USD

Sexy blonde causing pain (part 2) ADDED ON : 2nd Jun 2017
If you like to see painful shoe to the nude balls ballbusting, this is one of your favorite clips! This girl kicks and stomps him right into his nude groin using sharp edges and hard soles of her sexy pink and white Nikes! Wham, wham!!! She pretends some kicks and when he doesn't expect it, wham again! She also counts to random number and wham! He never knows when it comes!

LENGTH : 4.57 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 59.23 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 4.99 USD

Sexy blonde causing pain (part 3) ADDED ON : 2nd Jun 2017
This last part (except the free bonus contained in the whole action) presents this girl kicks her slave in the balls hard from behind with legs spread on the sofa, no chance to see her kicks comming! Some kicks are really direct to his nude unprotected balls and you can see it perfectly! At the end she sends you a kiss into the camera ;-)

LENGTH : 5.31 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 65.88 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 5.99 USD

Sexy blonde causing pain (the whole action) ADDED ON : 26th May 2017
Here it comes again!!! Our sexy blonde really loves causing pain to her male victims by kicking them! She starts by kicking him between his legs dressed in hot white miniskirt and clad in her very sexy Nike sneakers in pink, silver and white colors!!! Their hard soles make him suffer quickly! She uses not just kicks, but also almost full weight stomps right to his balls and includes some painful groin pressing!!! After about 5 minutes she changes position and when laying on the sofa she kicks him right into his already nude balls. She uses "falling down" kicks which are very painful! She scares him between kicks making him shake in fear! You will also love her doggie style kicks from behind! She kicks him beiing cold blooded, doesn't care he is in pain. As a free bonus if you buy this whole action we offer you this sexy blonde kicking his butt very brutally at the end of the action! His balls aching and now he gets also his ass kicked very hard! She uses hard parts of her shoes to cause lots of pain and she loves that! You'll see how his butt gets red during few minutes! Multiple brutal kicks (at first to his balls, later to his ass) cause him really suffer in pain! Ouch! Do not miss this great offer and stay safe by watching the clip! Enjoy!

LENGTH : 19.58 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 78.73 MB RESOLUTION : 640x480

COST : 15.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 5) ADDED ON : 16th Mar 2014
Just 5 kicks!!!! But full power!!! In this clip my girlfriend goes around me to scare me and when I don't expect it she kicks me FULL FORCE. From the front and from behind. Arika pretends some kicks when to confuse me and when I am not prepared - WHACK!!! EXTRA STRONG KICK to my balls escorted by loud thud!!! And me in agony, real agony! During my resting on the floor she goes around me and you can see her sexy legs! And after some time WHACK again! Excellent clip!

LENGTH : 2.54 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 40.16 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 4) ADDED ON : 16th Mar 2014
This was even more brutal! My girlfriend gave me several "go to the ground" kicks from behind using her hard toes of her sneakers. She didn't let me be there in agony, pulled me back and continued even harder! She did the same thing using her heels also and during the short time I was allowed to be on the ground, she kicked me to my butt and body. Great clip 4.5 mins long!

LENGTH : 6.06 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 85.01 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 3) ADDED ON : 15th Mar 2014
One of the most brutal ballbusting with sneakers!!! In this part Arika gave me many and many and many devastating extremely hard kicks and stomps using her hard Asics sneakers. See several lifting-me-up kicks when she hit me square to my balls perfectly (extra lound and deep thuds will show you the power of her kicks). Me in agony and my sadistic girlfriend in this perfect clip is the guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!

LENGTH : 4.21 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 60.49 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 2) ADDED ON : 15th Mar 2014
Plenty of hard kicks from the height right to my groin contain this clip. Two minutes of pain and pleasure - not for me, of course... :-)

LENGTH : 3.32 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 49.14 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 2.99 USD

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