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Savage Asics (part 5) ADDED ON : 16th Mar 2014
Just 5 kicks!!!! But full power!!! In this clip my girlfriend goes around me to scare me and when I don't expect it she kicks me FULL FORCE. From the front and from behind. Arika pretends some kicks when to confuse me and when I am not prepared - WHACK!!! EXTRA STRONG KICK to my balls escorted by loud thud!!! And me in agony, real agony! During my resting on the floor she goes around me and you can see her sexy legs! And after some time WHACK again! Excellent clip!

LENGTH : 2.54 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 40.16 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 4) ADDED ON : 16th Mar 2014
This was even more brutal! My girlfriend gave me several "go to the ground" kicks from behind using her hard toes of her sneakers. She didn't let me be there in agony, pulled me back and continued even harder! She did the same thing using her heels also and during the short time I was allowed to be on the ground, she kicked me to my butt and body. Great clip 4.5 mins long!

LENGTH : 6.06 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 85.01 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 3) ADDED ON : 15th Mar 2014
One of the most brutal ballbusting with sneakers!!! In this part Arika gave me many and many and many devastating extremely hard kicks and stomps using her hard Asics sneakers. See several lifting-me-up kicks when she hit me square to my balls perfectly (extra lound and deep thuds will show you the power of her kicks). Me in agony and my sadistic girlfriend in this perfect clip is the guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!

LENGTH : 4.21 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 60.49 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 3.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 2) ADDED ON : 15th Mar 2014
Plenty of hard kicks from the height right to my groin contain this clip. Two minutes of pain and pleasure - not for me, of course... :-)

LENGTH : 3.32 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 49.14 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 2.99 USD

Savage Asics (part 1) ADDED ON : 8th Aug 2013
First part of this action offers plenty of brutal kicks from behind, me kneeing on the floor in doggie position when my girlfriend kicks me painfully clad in her Asics running shoes. Some kicks are very strong and send me to the ground. Enjoy kicks devileved with her instep, toes and heels!

LENGTH : 5.13 mins FORMAT : AVI (MJpeg Video)
FILESIZE : 72.70 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 4.99 USD

Savage Asics - whole action ADDED ON : 7th Aug 2013
One of the hardest ballbusting clips on the net. 100S of kicks and stomps. No mercy shoes tothe balls. Painfull action! 22 mins in 5 clips.

LENGTH : 22.01 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 837.27 MB RESOLUTION : 640x480

COST : 21.99 USD

Army girl loves ballbusting (part 4) ADDED ON : 30th Jul 2013
Plenty of doggie style, front kicks, stomp kicks, heel kicks and some pressing balls in this 4.5 minutes long clip! I'm feeling real pain caused by this sexy girl's combat shoes! She doesn't care about my pain and adds more and more hit to my bruised nude balls! This is really solid - her heavy combat shoes with thick hard soled right to my totally unprotected balls!!!

LENGTH : 4.25 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 47.76 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 4.99 USD

Army girl loves ballbusting (part 3) ADDED ON : 30th Jul 2013
Brutal stomp style and heel kicks from the height... And really many! That's what you'll see in this part of the action. This sexy female ballbuster is laying in front of me dressed in army pants and bra and clad in dangerous heavy black shoes and kicks and kicks me hard to my unprotected nude nuts! That really hurts! At the end she presses both shoes deep into my groin and right there I thought this is my end.

LENGTH : 5.45 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 62.12 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 5.99 USD

Army girl loves ballbusting (part 2) ADDED ON : 21st Jul 2013
This is the most brutal part of this ballbusting series. This sexy blonde girl wraps me into the foil leaving just my dick out of it. My legs are wrapped together, my hands too behind my back. She then starts plenty of extremly painful heel kicks and stomps to my poor nude balls using her hard combat shoes!!! OUCH! This sends me to the agony quickly, I am totally helpless and cannot protect my groin! During this hard ballbusting action she also sits on my face and this is very difficult part for me, because I am in pain and have also difficulties to breath!

LENGTH : 11.02 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 119.06 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 11.99 USD

Army girl loves ballbusting (part 1) ADDED ON : 18th Jul 2013
To withstand kicks and stomps with brutal rock hard combat shoes of this sexy army girl is really nothing easy! This experienced ballbuster really enjoys causing pain by kicking and stomping balls and you'll see it. And she hates any protection, so she holds my legs spread to have my poor balls as perfect uncovered target. WHAM! WHAM!!! Ouch, that really hurts! And in this position, it's quite difficult to breath as well! But she has a lot of fun and pleasure!

LENGTH : 3.59 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 42.95 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 3.99 USD

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