Welcome to Crushed Under Jock Feet...
This is where fags like yourself get SMASHED under jocks and skaters feet. Athletic shoes, flip flops, and sandals will be used.
100’s of Shops, selling original photo and video content for every niche imaginable...
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We Sell The Below Content :-
.....Crush Fetish
.....Extreme Trample
.....Face Sitting
.....Live Vore(Eating)
.....Slavery/Slave Training
.....Foot/Shoe Fetish
.....Teenz (18+)
.....Gay Interest

Adam Underglass
Aj Newcum Underglass
Alex Underglass
Andrew Topside
Andrew Underglass
Austin Underglass
Austin Topside
Benjamin Topside
Benjamin Underglass
Blaine Underglass
Blaire Topside
Blaire Underglass
Blake Underglass
Bob Topside
Bob Underglass
Bobby Underglass
Brandon Underglass
Brendan Underglass
Brett Topside
Brett Underglass
Bryan Underglass
Carl Underglass
Charles Underglass
Chris Topside
Chris Underglass
Cody Underglass
Dallas Topside
Dallas Underglass
David Underglass
Deonte Topside
Deonte Underglass
Foot Slave Box
Foot Worship
Footworship POV
Frank Topside
Frank Underglass
Gage Topside
Gage Underglass
Gwandi Underglass
Hercules Underglass
J Topside
J Underglass
Jacob Topside
Jacob Underglass
Jake Topside
Jake Underglass
Jameson Topside
Jameson Underglass
Jared Topside
Jared Underglass
Jeff Topside and UG
Jocks Face Sitting
John Underglass
Josh Topside
JT Underglass
Kevin Underglass
Kyle Topside
Kyle Underglass
Lil Saint Underglass
Luke Underglass
Mad Max Topside
Mad Max Underglass
Mark Topside
Mark Underglass
Matt Topside
Matt Underglass
Merc Topside
Merc Underglass
Mike Hawk Underglass
Mike Topside
Mike Underglass
Mini Lee Underglass
Nathan Underglass
Papi Chulo Topside
Paul Topside
Pete Topsdie
Pete Underglass
Piss Clips
Ron Topside
Ron Underglass
Ryan Underglass
Ryder Topside
Ryder Underglass
Samuel Underglass
Sean Topside
Sean Underglass
Shane Topside
Shane Underglass
Shawn Topside
Shawn Underglass
Sheldon Underglass
Spit/Ashtray Slaves
Star Underglass
SuperStar Underglass
Taylor Underglass
Thomas Topside
Thomas Underglass
Timothy Underglass
Tommy Underglass
Trample Vids
Travis Topside
Travis Underglass
Tyrone Underglass
Vincento (Soon)
Vladimir Underglass
Paul Underglass
Tyler Topside
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