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Cinnamon-60 Boots of Pain ADDED ON : 7th Aug 2013
The last clip in the series by Mistress Cinnamon, and she crushes grass hoppers cruelly under her gladiator boots. She uses her deadly heel on some hoppers and makes sure they all suffer a painful death at her feet.

LENGTH : 6.41 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 149.86 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.00 USD

Toni-5 Roaches Under Browm Boots ADDED ON : 4th Aug 2013
Watch Mistress Toni crush two large juicy hissing cockroaches under her high heel brown boots. She pops the guts out of these large bugs and enjoys slowly reducing them to mush under her feet!

LENGTH : 6.10 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 138.81 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 6.00 USD

Cleo-6 Sexy Roach Crush ADDED ON : 27th Jul 2013
In this short clip Mistress Cleo crushes a large tough cockroach! She steps on him several times, with all her weight but still he remains alive. He's a tough guy but sexy Mistress Cleo just keeps crushing him again and again and finally finishes him off with a full weight heel crush. Excellent close ups and point-of-view shots in this one!

LENGTH : 3.09 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 70.39 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 3.00 USD

Cleo-5 Hoppers Under Sandals ADDED ON : 19th Jul 2013
Mistress Cleo is wearing some commando soled sandals with a chunky tread to crush hoppers in this clip. She has to step on the bugs many times to completely crush them which she does with glee! When she's crushed them enough with her sole, she uses her heel to extract the final crunches until they are reduced to bug mush on the tiles!

LENGTH : 5.37 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 126.32 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 5.00 USD

Angelica-5 Part B Cruel Boots ADDED ON : 15th Jul 2013
Mistress Angelica continues where she left of in part A crushing more crunchy grass hoppers and juicy snails under her black boots.

LENGTH : 4.42 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 105.40 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 5.00 USD

Angelica-5 Part A Cruel Boots ADDED ON : 14th Jul 2013
In this clip Mistress Angelica crushes grass hoppers and snails under her cruel boots. She is in no rush to finish off her victims and want to enjoy making them suffer. She half crushes some hoppers then lifts her foot to see the damage before letting them have her full weight. She rests her boot on the snails and slowly increases the pressure until they explode, then she twists and grinds them to finish. them off! Continues in part B.

LENGTH : 4.14 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 94.79 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 4.00 USD

Cleo-4 Meciless Snail Crush ADDED ON : 13th Jul 2013
Mistress Cleo is crushing snails under her hard wood sandals in this clip. She steps on these snails one-by-one giving each her full weight and a nice twist for good measure. At the end she shows the snail remains on the sole of her sandals.

LENGTH : 2.49 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 62.96 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 3.00 USD

Cleo -3 Hopper Crusing Babe ADDED ON : 11th Jul 2013
Mistress Cleo begins this clip by sliding her sexy feet into these wood sole sandals as she prepares for some crushing action. She has large grass hoppers ready to die under her hard wood soles. She lets them out one-by-one and lets them feel her weight as she enjoys the crunching sounds. She asks 'are you ready to be crushed' of one hopper and then chuckles with satisfaction when she feels him crunch under her sandal. Lots of nice up shots and close ups of the action in this clip!

LENGTH : 8.15 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 185.64 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 8.00 USD

Toni-4 Bicycle Snail Crush ADDED ON : 7th Jul 2013
Watch Mistress Toni as she sits on her bicycle while crushing a load of garden snails under her tyres. She rolls the bike slowly forward and backwards while sitting on the saddle and enjoys the crunching of the snails as they go under. When she's finished riding over them, she finishes them off under her nice black high heel boots. One snail nearly gets away unscathed, but Mistress Toni spotted him and had a special treat for him! There were no survivors.

LENGTH : 8.01 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 180.44 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.00 USD

Cleo-2 Hoppers Under Thin Sandals ADDED ON : 5th Jul 2013
This clip begins with some close ups of Mistress Cleo's feet as she slides them into her sandals, wiggling her toes as she goes. Now she's ready to begin she tips a bunch of hoppers out onto the floor and begins to give them her full weight. As the juice is squeezed out the side of her sandal, she gives them a thorough grind for good measure, twisting them until they are flat as pancakes. She comments on the juiciness and crunchiness of bugs as she crushes them and at the end she shows the bottom of her sandals, wet with fresh bug juice!

LENGTH : 4.44 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 106.38 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 5.00 USD

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