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Milking Revenge ADDED ON : 22nd Jun 2007
Mistress Di and Debbie have their milking victim and tied him up, he was disrespectful to them and so they mean to get their sweet revenge. They begin by teasing and taunting him and then they tell him they are going to force him to come over and over again until he screams in pain. Debbie strokes his cock through his shorts whilst Di squeezes his nipples. Di then tells him she’s going to sit on his face to make it more unpleasant for him. Debbie pulls down his pants and strokes and bends his cock. Now with Di sat on his face Debbie pulls his cock, “hurry up” Di says as Debbie pulls his cock hard and fast. Debbie then pushes his shorts in his mouth, then rubs his cock in-between her naked breasts whilst Di lifts his head forcing him to watch. Whilst Debbie continues to breast masturbate him Di removes her blouse to further stimulate him and presses her ample breasts in his face. He can not refuse and is forced to comply.

LENGTH : 11.00 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 8)
FILESIZE : 104.03 MB RESOLUTION : 640x480

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 9.99 USD

Mean Forced Orgasm ADDED ON : 27th Mar 2007
Mistress Debbie has her slave bound & gagged tied to the ceiling hanging helpless. She Forces her slave to have a forced orgasm along with lots of ball torture squeezing and pulling along the way. Choking and HOM to add to his discomfort. See the end where she squeezes his balls hard to get every last bit of CUM out.

LENGTH : 9.00 mins FORMAT : WMV
FILESIZE : 74.41 MB RESOLUTION : 640x480

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 8.99 USD

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