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Tire Tracks ADDED ON : 26th Dec 2010
My friend uses her car to run over and crush a few potatoes. onions, a candle and my hands and feet. she wasn't to happy about the onion smell lol but she loves crushing things under her tires.

LENGTH : 4.45 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 30.58 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 4.99 USD

Shoe prints ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
Marcella crushes my cock into the floor with these shoes that i really love. they have a very tall thick heel ankle straps and deep ridges at the soles. Not only can a woman crush your cock to a pulp but she can also rip it up good with these shoes. Especially a girl with big strong legs like Marcella.

LENGTH : 8.04 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 52.13 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 8.50 USD

Walkover ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
Kelly tramples and walks back and forth over my cock and balls aswell as my hand and fingers.

LENGTH : 6.28 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 41.11 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 7.00 USD

Knee high wedge heel boots ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
When i first met Kelly it was in a club she was wearing these boots. she walked past me and stepped right on my toes. she laughed a little and said she was sorry. Jokingly i told her if she's going to step on me she could atleast give me her name and number and she did. the next day i told her i got a little aroused when she stepped on my toes with her sexy boots she asked if i had a shoe fetish or just like o be stepped on. i said both! She has been stepping on me every since!

LENGTH : 10.01 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 66.33 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 10.99 USD

Cock and Fingers crushed ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
More wedge heel shoe trampling. i can never get enough of wedge heel shoes and boots and Tina looks great in these sexy shoes and jeans. she steps on my cock and walks all over it then turns her attention to my fingers and smash them too.

LENGTH : 8.24 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 55.45 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 9.00 USD

Squashed!!! ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
My cock gets squashed into the hardwood floor by Sabrina and her hard wedge heels. she had just came home from work and was tired but i told her i would massage her legs if she massaged my cock under her shoes. It sounded like a good deal but i didn't plan on being so sore after lol

LENGTH : 5.36 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 35.18 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 6.50 USD

Sexy Sabrina and her wedge heels ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
Sabrina is one of my favorite Stomp Divas. she is very sexy and shapely and she loves to smash my cock and balls flat. be sure to check out any clip staring her trust me you wont be disappointed.

LENGTH : 6.18 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 39.62 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 7.00 USD

Durango western boots ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
Full weight cock crushing under these sexy Durango boots. I love shoes and boots with ridges or grips at the bottom. they really leave their mark on you after.

LENGTH : 6.00 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 38.10 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 6.50 USD

Viscious Kimmy ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
Kimmy is a very cruel cock crusher and in this clip she smashes and twist on my cock so bad she almost ripped the head of it off. these boots have sharp grips at the soles and when Kimmy starts to stand on my cock with her full weight it was unbearable. I was forced to try and hold her back with no luck.

LENGTH : 4.33 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 29.71 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 5.50 USD

Wedge Heel Cock Trample part 2 ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
In this clips my friend smashes my cock and balls into the hard floor. Then she walks back and forth across my cock with her full weight. After the cock crushing it's time for some hand trample. a must have clip!

LENGTH : 9.08 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 49.88 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 10.99 USD

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