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unedited home videos of me being trampled and crushed under girls wearing high heel shoes and boots.
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wedge heel cock trample ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
I love these shoes! they may not look like much but the way the sole of them feel when she's grinding my cock is great. they really do grip the skin and leave me feeling flat.

LENGTH : 4.54 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 36.00 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 5.50 USD

Sabrinas Pink Pumps ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
I found a old pair of Sabrinas Pumps at the bottom of her closet and asked her to crush my cock with them. she didn't want to because they were so old but i loved them so she did. she smashes and grinds my cock into the floor with her powerful legs.

LENGTH : 8.23 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 53.32 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 9.45 USD

Smashed under her Baby Phat Boots ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
I get trampled and crushed under Bunny's cute Baby Phat Boots. they have a thick heel and a rough sole that really grinds my cock up good. listen to her tell me how she's going to smash my cock and balls.

LENGTH : 10.16 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 69.73 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 10.99 USD

Strappy Stiletto stomp ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
trampled stomped and crushed under her sexy 3 strap pumps

LENGTH : 14.01 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 95.95 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 15.50 USD

hand trample and cock crushing ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
more cock and ball stomping and some hand and finger smashing also.

LENGTH : 8.04 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 51.70 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 9.50 USD

Jeans and boots ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
i love a woman in tight jeans and high heel boots. this clip you'll see some good old cock crushing ball stomping finger smashing fun.

LENGTH : 7.54 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 53.19 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 8.99 USD

Blue leather boots ADDED ON : 24th Nov 2010
My friend steps all over my cock and balls with her blue boots with brown wooden heels. after being on her feet all day at work she told me she would trample me only if promised to buy her some new boots over the weekend witch you know i did lol

LENGTH : 6.42 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 43.75 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 7.50 USD

Smashed to a pulp! ADDED ON : 23rd Nov 2010
Erica smashes my cock up on a table and puts all her weight on it. her legs are so powerful she crushes a little blood out of it. see the damage for yourself.

LENGTH : 7.51 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 51.12 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 8.99 USD

Stilettos and muscular legs part 2 ADDED ON : 23rd Nov 2010
part 2 of Erica and her strong shapely legs trampling and crushing my cock and balls. in this clip she also smashes my hand and fingers under her pumps.

LENGTH : 9.02 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 57.32 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 10.99 USD

stilettos and muscular legs. ADDED ON : 23rd Nov 2010
This is Erica she is very muscular with big strong legs and when she decides to trample me under her stiletto high heels i should have said no. she left me sore and bruised for weeks.

LENGTH : 7.48 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 50.94 MB RESOLUTION : 320x240

COST : 8.99 USD

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