Welcome to Mistress V...
Amature crush mistress who takes genuine pleasure in the slow crushing of things beneath her feet...

Email me at MistressV@MyFootwear4U.co.uk for more information or to place an order... Some examples of mine and my friendsí available footwear can be seen at www.MyFootwear4U.co.uk and www.youtube.com/user/UKMF4U/videos

New stuff is being added all the time so do check back. All footwear is available for purchase and for use in customs.

A selection of sample clips from my store:

HD - Lady B Black Boots vs Mealworms Promo 01.mp4 http://dfiles.eu/files/dntob4c0f
HD - Lady B Loubies vs Mealworms Promo 01.mp4 http://dfiles.eu/files/v80d3i09b

HD - Aldo Heels vs Closeup Snail Promo 01: http://dfiles.eu/files/99i0s5bcv
HD - Yellow Heels vs Closeup Snail Promo 01: http://dfiles.eu/files/owjhymeg3
HD - Karen Millan Boots vs Snails Promo 01: http://dfiles.eu/files/t7c5wqtcy
HD - Pumps vs Lamb Balls Promo 01: http://dfiles.eu/files/3r8be4whv
HD - Assorted vs Closeup Snails Promo 01: http://dfiles.eu/files/dj211zh14

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.....Crush Fetish
.....Foot/Shoe Fetish

Food Crush
Hand Crush
Trainer Bug Crush
2 Girl Bug (Reduced)
2 Girl Bug Crush
2 Girl Food (LowRes)
Angel - Ball Crush
Angel - Bug Crush
Angel - Food Crush
Angel - Objct Crush
Angel - Shoe Play
Cock Box . CBT
Filthy Red - Bugs
Lady B - Ball Crush
Lady B - Bug Crush
Lady B - Obj. Crush
Lady J - Ball Crush
Lady J - Bug Crush
Mdm Jalka -Bug Crush
Multi-part Bug Clips
Boots Bug Crush
Lamb Ball Crush
Barefoot Food Crush
Bug Crush (low res)
Heels Bug Crush
Object Crush
Uggs Toy Crush
Flats Bug Crush
Heels Toy Crush
2 Girl Food Crush
Sandals Bug Crush
Barefoot Bug Crush
Boots Pedal Pumping
Flip Flop Bug Crush
Boots Food Crush
Sandals Food Crush
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