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When my boyfriend came up with the idea I quickly discovered that I seriously enjoy crushing things under my heels and soles. I just love wearing sexy boots, the feeling of things bursting and breaking beneath them and the cracking and squishing sounds I hear when I crush something.
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Fish Crush 1 ADDED ON : 16th Jun 2012
Anna has her first camera encounter with three large fish. She is in full control over her victims, there is very little slipping. The fish ooze, squirt and crunch under the pressure of her powerful, dominating boots. Watch them, one even in a heart-breaking super close-up, being slowly and brutally crushed to pulp. This is a messy clip, a must-have for those who are into squishing sounds and messy action!

LENGTH : 10.17 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 165.65 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Big Grasshopper Massacre ADDED ON : 13th Apr 2012
This is Anna's second mass crush clip, this time she crushes 100 really big and hard grasshoppers. She is wearing the thigh high platform boots that are still very dirty with the remains of the 500 mealworm victims she destroyed in the last clip. Another 100 helpless creatures will find their cruel death under these punisher platforms. Anna will give most of the hoppers an individual treatment that causes them to literally explode under her unforgiving boots due to the unbearable pressure her strong legs impose on their tiny bodies. You can see them struggle and the pressure build up as she slowly lowers her merciless feet on the worthless insects until their bodies finally crunch and their insides squirt from under the sides of Anna's soles. Again, the sounds in this clip are nothing short of breathtaking, you really have the feeling of being directly among the twitching and dying insect bodies while Anna's powerful boots crunch and squish their cruel path through the big mass of grasshoppers, causing a terrifying mess once again. As soon as she made sure that she has killed most of them she will look out for survivors and handle them individually once again, crushing some of them hard and fast, others really slow, squishing even the last drop of fluid out of their bodies, grinding to hear even the last segment of their shell finally crunch. When she knows that she has finally not left a single survivor she piles up the bodies with her boots again and crushes those piles until nothing but mush remains of her formerly very healthy victims. Finally you will get some awesome close-ups of her soles and boots that are totall covered with the result of her cruelty and strength.

LENGTH : 18.13 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 293.61 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 5.87 USD

Messy Mealworm Massacre ADDED ON : 12th Apr 2012
This is a real special! Anna has about 500 (yes! Five Hundred) big, fat, juicy mealworms at her disposal. What do you think will she do with them? She is using her favourite killer boots, black leather, high heels, thigh high and a powerful platform. With these punishers and her strong legs she starts by destroying a few individual critters. You get a good impression on how surprisingly crunchy and juicy they are, while in the background you can see the big mass of lively worms, and you can anticipate what is going to happen. When Anna gets boring of killing her victims one by one she starts taking out a few smaller groups. The sounds are already awesome, Anna later said she'd never imagined how loud these worms would crunch under her boots. Also, the pressure she puts on the helpless bodies is so powerful that it forces the juice to squirt out of the popping victims as they die. Still, Anna wants more! She will step directly into the big mass of wiggling worms with absolutely merciless power, causing the dying and injured worms to struggle hard and their juices to ooze from under her brutal platform soles. There are a few really nice close-ups of this and the crunching and squishing sounds are unbelievable. Anna will crush loads of her victims with every single deadly step as she walks through the panicing mass of helpless worms. She will walk back and forth, sometimes you can see the sides of her towering boots, sometimes the back with the piercing heel or the front that is already stained with the remains and juices of the poor worms that got under her feet. After a few minutes of breathtaking cruelty Anna will stand in the middle of the incredible mess she caused and watch out for surviving victims. As soon as she sees one she will finish it off slowly and deliberately, crushing it inside the bodies of its friends. Sometimes the goo is so high that you can't even see the survivors as they are squished, but you can certainly hear their bodies pop and break. When Anna is sure that she has killed each and every one of her 500 victims she'll pile up the goo with her boots. It's really incredible how much it is! As soon as Anna has piled up the mess she'll stomp it very hard, making the fluid and destroyed bodies fly and squirt into all directions until none of the bodies is recognizable as such anymore. She will repeat this several times until her boots are completely covered in the sad remains of the lives she ended so cruelly (and with so much fun!) The sounds change from loud and brutal crunching into heartbreakingly wet squishing and munching. In the end she'll take the camera and give you a nice perspective of her own view on the job she did. You can see her sexy shoes once more, with Anna standing in the incredible mess she made, looking down her dirty boots that are still standing in the middle of what remains of the once lively and healthy worms. This clip costs a bit more, as so many victims were a little more expensive. It's still worth every single cent!

LENGTH : 17.29 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 281.71 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 5.63 USD

Roach Crush 1 ADDED ON : 10th Apr 2012
In this clip Anna destroys 9 juicy roaches with her high-heeled, thigh high black leather platform boots. You can clearly see how much Anna enjoys the killing: Some of her victims die rather quickly when Anna crushes their tiny heads, others have to go through more suffering when Anna lowers her powerful boot very slowly onto her victims, you will see the pressure building up in their tiny, helpless bodies and hear the crunching when their hard shell can't stand the unyiedling power of Anna's strong legs. Finally they will pop and you can see Anna's boot squeezing out their juicy, white guts until the floor and her soles are really messy with it. Some victims are crushed a bit further away so you can worship the whole impression of Anna's towering boots. Several times she will show her dirty soles into the camera, which are still covered with the sad remains of the bodies she destroyed so you can see how well she did her job.

LENGTH : 7.42 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 124.11 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Snail Crush 3 ADDED ON : 3rd Apr 2012
Anna is using her shiny PVC boots again to crush a lively group of snails. Most of the smaller ones she'll treat individually which gives beautiful, wet and squishy sounds. A larger group of bigger snails are crushed with a single step, and you can hear their shells crunch and crack loudly as they collapse under her sexy boots. When their guts ooze from under Anna's soles she goes on grinding these poor creatures' remains into the hard floor, producing more squashy sounds. After being finished with her killing, Anna shows off her boots and dirty soles, walking and grinding back and forth through the big mess she made.

LENGTH : 2.42 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 43.44 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Snail Crush 2 in White Boots ADDED ON : 2nd Apr 2012
Anna has some fun with 9 garden snails in her white disco boots. Watch her squish one by one into a gooey mess, leaving none of them alive. After all snails are destroyed she walks over their sad remains several times, smearing their guts all over the floor and the soles of her sexy boots.

LENGTH : 2.32 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 40.80 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Grasshopper Crush 2 ADDED ON : 30th Mar 2012
This is Anna's second grasshopper crush clip. This is plain, merciless crushing action. No playing around, just killing. Sometimes she does it very slowly, obviously enjoying every single crunch and squishing sound. The sexy, shiny boots complete the picture.

LENGTH : 6.30 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 104.67 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Snail Crush 1 ADDED ON : 27th Mar 2012
This clip starts with 10 healthy snails and Anna's boots. In the end it gets extremely messy after Anna slowly squishes the crunchy shells, leaving a big and gooey mess under her soles and the floor.

LENGTH : 3.11 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 51.43 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

Grasshopper Crush 1 ADDED ON : 27th Mar 2012
Anna destroys 10 large grasshoppers beneath her powerful black thigh-high platform leather boots. Just imagine the sound of their bodies crunching and popping under those soles, you won't be disappointed! Amazing sounds and close-ups.

LENGTH : 6.50 mins FORMAT : AVI (DivX Mpeg 4 Video)
FILESIZE : 110.26 MB RESOLUTION : 720x576

COST : 2.99 USD

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