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Marc ~ Massive Snail Massacre under his Hunter Wellies (part5) ADDED ON : 13th Sep 2017
Marc is feeling very cruel today, and for his own sadistic pleasure, he mercilessly slaughters 100 snails under his Hunter wellies, his favorite killing boots. He simply kills the worthless creatures with his boots as if they didn't matter at all, except to give him the pleasure of turning them to slop under his heels and treads. Marc treads into the pile of snails and begins the cruel massacre, as he tramples them without mercy. The treads of his boots quickly get thick with mushed snail and his soles are dripping with snail guts as he kills more and more. Despite this cruel treatment, a lot of the crushed snails stay alive and writhe around in the sludge and slop, but Marc doesn't hurry to kill them because he likes them to suffer. Finally he tramples the sloppy mess of what was once living snails, over and over in order to really grind it up to a thick sludge of death. Marc's boots are satisfyingly messy with snail guts by the end, which shows just how very cruel he can be

LENGTH : 4.20 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 172.58 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 4.20 USD

Cherie ~ Massive Snail Massacre under my Hunter Wellies pt4 ADDED ON : 12th Sep 2017
I have 120 snails to play with today, and they really do need executing, and so I've pulled on my Hunter wellies to tread on them in a wicked massacre. It's a sexy and powerful feeling, to look down from above and see a large goup of slimy snails squirming around before my booted feet, I get that familiar thrill of cruel pleasure, and I know that I'm going to step into them and feel them crack, explode and squish under my boots, and then I'll feel their soft bodies turn to sludge. Despite being stepped on and squashed, a lot of the snails don't die straight away, and it's fun to see them writhing around in the slop that was once part of their insides, they must really be suffering and I like that. Part way through I get Marc to join me, not in killing the snails, but so he can kneel before my boots and have a closer view as I continue the merciless crushing, but also so he can wank himself over my cruelty and squirt his thick cum over my boots as I'm killing with them. I really like seeing Marc enjoying my cruelty and I get carried away just mass trampling the snails. The crunching and squishing sounds are lovely as the snail sludge deepens, and Marc cums thickly over my boots as I finish the last snails. I stand in the mess of 120 squashed snails and Marc's cum, feeling very pleased with myself.

LENGTH : 4.03 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 160.95 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 4.05 USD

Marc Cruel Cricket Slaughter under Riding Boots pt2 ADDED ON : 1st Sep 2017
Marc has been riding his horse today, and is still wearing his jodhpurs and rubber riding boots afterwards to slaughter a bunch of crickets. The disgusting bugs are no match for the power and cruelty of Marc's boots, and he happily kills them one by one. Some are squashed slowly so Marc can enjoy their suffering, but others are killed with a hard stomp, because Marc likes the way it feels to crush them to squashed mess. That mess sticks to his boots and Marc just continues killing the crickets one at a time, without any mercy, until they are all eradicated. I know that Marc loves killing these disgusting crickets, and I think he only wishes he had more for his cruel slaughtering boots!

LENGTH : 6.42 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 178.31 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 6.42 USD

Marc ~ Sadistic Torture and Burning Crickets pt3 ADDED ON : 28th Aug 2017
Marc is really cruel today, and here he enjoys torturing and burning disgusting crickets just for his own sadistic pleasure. Simply crushing the creatures isn't enough for Marc today, as he is in a particularly cruel mood, so he has set up his torture equipment and has a candle for burning the crickets alive too. He starts by holding some unfortunate crickets over the candle flame, for a long time, and he watches them wriggle their legs in agony as he slowly burns them to death. Marc shows no mercy, only extreme sadistic pleasure and cruelty as he kills them. One cricket is held on a spoon as Marc heats it over the flame, and it is slowly cooked alive in boiling candle wax. A few crickets have hot candle wax dripped on them, until they virtually suffocate as they burn, these crickets are left alive and twitching in pain, Marc likes that. Marc cuts up a couple of crickets with scissors, snipping off legs and antennae first, then cruelly chopping them into pieces, and those are probably the lucky ones! Marc finishes off by crushing them all to mush, and he has a satisfying pile of burnt, squashed and broken bodies by the end. An extremely cruel clip.

LENGTH : 10.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 411.48 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 7.95 USD

Cherie ~ Locusts Die under my Cruel Platform Boots pt3 ADDED ON : 26th Aug 2017
Locusts are disgusting pests and should be eradicated at every opportunity, and of course I kill them whenever I can, but in reality I just like killing them, it gives me pleasure to end their pathetic lives and especially if I can kill them slowly and see that they are suffering before they die. So, I'm wearing my cruel platform boots today to tread on some locusts, and I kill them just because I can and because I enjoy it. I drop the locusts one by one, and tread on them to enjoy the crunch and squish as they succumb to my powerful boots. I love seeing their guts burst out. A couple I kill more slowly, making sure to only squash their body first, leaving their little twitching heads sticking out so they stay alive a little bit longer, but in massive pain. A few I cut up with scissors so I can take my time killing them, but some that I chop up with the scissors are still alive, so I just leave them like that and don't tread on them at all, they stay alive and in pain, I really don't care and I can't be bothered to end their suffering. I have lots of fun playing my cruel games with these locusts, and by the end the crush floor is littered with lots of squashed dead locusts and some that are still alive but in agony. My boots are all sticky on the soles and heels. Being cruel in boots is such a turn on!

LENGTH : 7.53 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 290.13 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 7.50 USD

Cherie ~ Sadistic Torture and Burning Crickets pt3 ADDED ON : 24th Aug 2017
This is a very cruel clip, I'm sadistically torturing and burning disgusting crickets, just for fun. I hate these little things and feel nothing for them, except that I like to know they are suffering as much pain as I can inflict on them. So I cruely pull them apart, chop them up alive and most fun of all, I burn them slowly over a candle, and I enjoy seeing them wriggle and squirm in agony. I even drip boiling wax on a few of the crickets and leave them alive to enjoy that for a while. I am a stern and sadistic mistress and I smile very little in this clip, but I really do enjoy seeing the crickets suffering, and to be honest if I could hurt them more, then I would! But this cruel torture will have to suffice for these vile creatures, and the pleasure is all mine as I watch their pain. At the end I'm left with a pile of burnt and crushed crickets, which is very satisfying.

LENGTH : 7.53 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 317.95 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 7.53 USD

Cherie and Marc Crushing Snails and wanking his Cum ADDED ON : 23rd Aug 2017
We have a nice big pile of slimy snails to execute today and as I love killing things together with Marc, especially when we are wearing our boots, we trample and squash the snails between us. There is no mercy, just cruel killing and we take great pleasure slaughtering the creatures, we kill things together as often as we can, nothing escapes our boots when we're feeling cruel and it excites us both. It really doesn't take long before the living snails are turned to smashed shell and sludge under our boots, and then while we are still standing in the mess of dead snails I take Marc's cock out and start to pump it until it's nice and hard. I use oil to lubricate it in my gloved hand, and I quickly empty Marc's balls as I wank the thick cum out of his cock. I love seeing it splash all over my boot, which is still dripping with snails guts. We are very cruel together, but it's so exciting.

LENGTH : 6.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 247.61 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 6.10 USD

Cherie ~ Drinking Wine as I Crush Snails ADDED ON : 16th Aug 2017
Today after riding my horse, I've come home to have a nice glass or two of good red wine. I'm still wearing my riding clothes, and to add to my enjoyment I find that Marc has got me 70 fat snails to play with. As I'm feeling very cruel and I still have my rubber boots on, it would be a shame not to kill them all, so I do just that, and all while I'm drinking my lovely red wine. I enjoy pouring some of the wine onto the snails, because they really seem to hate that, and I start treading on them and squashing them without mercy. My boots are covered in snail mess in no time, it gets very sloppy on the crush floor with all the squashed snails and spilt wine. But it feels lovely under my boots, and I love playing in the mess I've made, so I carry on, casually trampling the snails to death as I sip my wine. It gave me a really nice sexy feeling to be so cruel, I enjoyed this snail killing a lot

LENGTH : 4.54 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 195.08 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 5.00 USD

Marc ~ Killing Snails for Fun in Rubber Boots ADDED ON : 11th Aug 2017
Sometimes Marc likes to have simple cruel fun, and to just kill things for no reason at all, except that it gives him a lot of pleasure to do so. So he sits and casually squashes some snails under his Hunter Wellies, mercilessly crushing them and making a sloppy mess under his cruel feet. The cruel work continues and Marc slaughters each and every snail, until nothing but sludge remains. He told me that he loves the way it feels under his boots to make creatures suffer, and then the finally end their lives. Marc is cruel and powerful in his boots and the snails are worthless and pathetic, they only existed to give Marc the pleasure of killing them

LENGTH : 3.19 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 89.85 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 3.19 USD

Cherie and Marc Punishing the Bad Pussy Cat ADDED ON : 1st Aug 2017
We really love it when we get the chance to play with a pussy cat, especially if it's a bad pussy cat. And this time pussy has been particularly bad, because it crept into the house and tried to steal food meant for our other cats. So we have it trapped and completely at our mercy... and we are going to punish it very cruelly with our boots and whip it with riding crops to teach it a lesson. We tread on the cat and hold it still so we can whip it hard with our crops, and we whip it over and over and we stamp on the cat harder and harder. We have to be cruel, it's for pussy's own good after all, and we get quite carried away hurting the cat and it must really be suffering as we stamp on it, squash it and whip it without mercy. The cruel punishment we are dishing out gets us quite turned on, so while we hold the pussy cat still under our boots, I take Marc's cock out and start to pump it in my hand. Then I take Marc in my mouth and suck him while we are still treading on the poor cat. It really doesn't take long for him to ooze a thick load of cum into my mouth. I drool the cum onto the pussy cat trapped under our boots. Bad pussy cat deserved everything it got, and we enjoyed punishing it so cruelly.

LENGTH : 5.06 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 201.88 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 5.05 USD

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