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Cherie ~ Snail Massacre under my Platform Boots ADDED ON : 22nd May 2017
The next victims for my cruel platform boots are a nice bunch of about 70 snails. They are all in a pile before me, some are slithering about, some are just sitting there, but all are just waiting for me to end their miserable existence. So I start to step into the snails, crushing them easily in my powerful boots. Guts and slime ooze out from under my soles and heels, and it quickly gets very messy underfoot as I continue to tread on the snails. There is lots of crunching and squishing, and it feels lovely, I love my boots and I love how cruel they make me feel and I do some cruel talking as I kill them. Then I cannot help myself and I get Marc to join me, so he can kneel before me and worship the cruelty of my boots as I crush the snails. He soon shoots his thick cum, and it splashes onto my boot and into the snail sludge I'm making. I love to see snail guts and Marc's cum all over my boots at the same time

LENGTH : 4.13 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 166.01 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 4.15 USD

Cherie ~ Worm Slaughter under Platform Boots ADDED ON : 20th May 2017
I'm back after a little while away, so I am keen to get back to crushing and killing any squirming, scuttling or slithering thing that I can, because I really enjoy it, and I just love being cruel in my dominant boots. So here I have a huge amount of fat juicy meal worms for my pleasure, and I'm wearing my wicked, knee-high platform boots, and just for an extra cruel twist, the worms are all trapped in a big bowl, so there is no escape for them as I step into the bowl and begin the killing. I do some cruel talking in this clip, and I make a lovely squishy mess of the wriggling worms. I just trample up and down in my boots, twisting and crushing and making sure not a single worm is left alive by the end. The worm mess all over my boots is lovely to see.

LENGTH : 5.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 204.77 MB RESOLUTION : 854x480

COST : 5.11 USD

Cherie is Cruel to Crabs part5 **SALE PRICE** ADDED ON : 12th Apr 2017
**SALE CLIP** first uploaded MAY 2014 Once again I have some feisty crabs at the mercy of my riding boots, an once again there is no mercy, only cruel torturing and slow crushing under my boots. Legs and claws are cracked, smashed and broken off, shells are crushed open and crab guts and juice gets all over the crush floor and my boots. Some of these crabs are quite tough, but with perseverence I manage to crush them quite flat. At the end I enjoy standing on the mass of broken crabs and feel those last crunchs as I flatten them down just a little bit more

LENGTH : 8.16 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 110.32 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 3.70 USD

Cherie is Cruel to Crabs part3 **SALE PRICE** ADDED ON : 12th Apr 2017
**SALE CLIP** first uploaded APRIL 2014 Yet more crabs die under my cruel riding boots, purely for my pleasure, and pleasure it is. I deal with the crabs one at a time, dropping each from height to my waiting boots, to start the torture and crushing slaughter. Legs and claws are smashed off, and shells are cracked and crunched, to see guts ooze out and leak out from under my boots, soaking the crush floor. A few of the crabs I don't kill straight away, but leave suffering until the end, when I finally finish them with merciless crushing. Does my sadistic streak show here? Heehee, I think so.

LENGTH : 7.28 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 64.72 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 3.60 USD

Cherie is Cruel to Crabs part2 **SALE PRICE** ADDED ON : 12th Apr 2017
**SALE CLIP** first uploaded APRIL 2014 Well... what's a girl to do with all these crabs I keep fishing out of the sea? I think I know, I'll crush them slowly and cruelly, because it turns me on, and I just love being cruel to the worthless little scuttling things. When I was fishing for crabs a small boy came over to look, and he asked me what I was going to do with all the crabs I'd caught. I smiled sweetly and told him... 'I'm going to take them home, put my boots on and step on them' I'm so bad, heehee. These four crabs I torture and part crush, one at a time, leaving each alive, so they are all twitching and in pain. When I'm done torture crushing, I gather them up in a pile and them step on them, and trample crush them all together. It feels nice under my boots. They finish as a nice mushy mess of crushed shell, broken legs and wet guts all over the floor.

LENGTH : 6.58 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 88.56 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 3.50 USD

Marc ~ Four Chicks under Hunter Wellies ADDED ON : 19th Mar 2017
Something a bit different from Marc today, as he has four little chicks at the mercy of his cruel boots. The chicks are already dead, being the sort sold as reptile food, and they are missing their heads, but that doesn't stop Marc having fun with them, and he enjoys feeling them burst and crush as he presses down with his boot on their helpless bodies. It gets messy as he squashes all the chicks and there is bloody guts all over the floor and all over his boots by the end.

LENGTH : 4.26 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 41.91 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 4.10 USD

Marc Cruel Cricket Slaughter under Riding Boots ADDED ON : 19th Mar 2017
I love to watch Marc being cruel in his riding boots, whether he is cruelly dominating his horse or some other creature, or crushing and torturing bugs and other squirmy things under his long shiny boots. Here Marc enjoys torture crushing some worthless crickets, he hates these things as much as I do, so making them suffer as much as possible is what gives us the most pleasure. He starts off crushing them one at a time, some slowly others with a stomp, but all get their guts squeezed out as they burst, and the crush floor and Marc's boots soon get very sticky with squashed crickets. At the end Marc tips a bunch of the wriggling bugs at his feet and steps on them all as they try to escape, twisting and grinding them all to paste. When Marc is satisfied they are all dead, he shows the mushed bugs all stuck to the bottom of his boots

LENGTH : 7.23 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 96.34 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 7.00 USD

Marc ~ Killing Snails under his Boots makes him Cum Pt5 ADDED ON : 24th Feb 2017
Marc enjoyed filming me killing snails and cumming on my fingers as I crushed them, that really turned him on. And so now it is his turn to slaughter more snails under his merciless Hunter Wellies and when he is done with them, and as if to show even more contempt for them, he wanks himself over their smashed bodies until his cum oozes out of his cock and splatters into the dead snail sludge at his feet. Marc is sitting to casually trample the snails, but he soon starts stomping, and his boot treads quickly get thick with crushed snails and the crush floor covered in thick sludge. He squashes some between his boots just to be cruel, and enjoys it when their pathetic shells collapse and they squirt their innards all over his boots. Nice and messy, and very cruel killing by Marc, and you can see how he enjoys it when, at the end he wanks out his thick load all over his snail victims

LENGTH : 5.08 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 79.67 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 5.00 USD

Cherie ~ Casually Killing Snails under Hunter Wellies pt5 ADDED ON : 21st Feb 2017
After the last snail killing session with Marc, I'm still feeling excited and I want to kill more. I'm still wearing my shiny Hunter wellies, and I want to see snail mush and guts on them and feel the dead and dying snails squashed into my treads. So I sit down with snails at my feet, so I can kill them casually and slowly, making them pop and burst under my soles and watch the guts squirt out. I soon get a bit wild though, as my excited enjoyment builds and I stomp and splat the snails without mercy, all the while playing with myself, as my hand has slid into my jodhpurs and I finger fuck my soaking cunt. I cum hard on my fingers while my boots are treading on the snail sludge and crushed mess. Being so cruel, and killing things in my boots just turns me on so much

LENGTH : 4.05 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 79.85 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 4.00 USD

Snail Massacre under our Cruel Hunter Boots ~ pt3 ADDED ON : 20th Feb 2017
Today I have about 75 snails at my feet and I'm wearing my rubber Hunter wellies, and unfortunately for the snails, these are boots I only use for cruelty and nothing else. So I'm definitely going to slaughter the snails under my boots, just because I can and just because it turns me on to be so cruel, but I can't resist inviting Marc to join me in the killing, because if there's one thing I love more than killing things with my boots, it's killing things together with Marc. We trample and crush the snails without any mercy whatsoever, we just enjoy the mass killing and the way it feels under our boots to extinguish the life of worthless creatures like these. I like that it is messy too, I love seeing the snails turned to sludge and slop as we work our boots into them. Of course I couldn't enjoy such cruelty with Marc without getting turned on, so I take his cock out of his jodhpurs and rub it first, then I taste him and start to suck him. It really isn't long before his throbbing cock spurts sweet cum in my mouth, and I drool it out onto the snail mess at out feet. It is such cruel fun, the snails' only purpose was to die under our boots, simply to give us pleasure

LENGTH : 5.40 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 108.19 MB RESOLUTION : 1024x576

COST : 5.35 USD

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