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The Natural... Crushed ADDED ON : 29th Oct 2013
So I showed my gf my favorite childhood movie. "The Natural" I thought she would appreciate it being an athlete her self... I couldn't have been more wrong. After it ended, she pulled it back out of its case and smashed it on the ground under her heeled boots. This is a for real, one take, crush crush of my absolutely favorite movie just because she found it boring. I loved this movie. You get to see her being her honest mean self. The only thing I wished that I had caught on tape was after she walked away, she said, "That better have not scuffed my boot!!!"

LENGTH : 1.31 mins FORMAT : M4V
FILESIZE : 42.50 MB RESOLUTION : 960x540

COST : 2.99 USD

Historical Trumpet Squished Under Cadillac ADDED ON : 16th Jun 2013
The Goddess was sent a sacrifice of a trumpet used in the recording of the most famous version of Sing Sing Sing. The decision is hers to spare it or not... She wears a pair of new python skin Louboutins, but the trumpet is to strong to be squished under these $1400.00 shoes... Still dressed to kill, she get in her classic Cadillac and squishes it like it was nothing at all. A piece of irreplaceable music history is destroyed forever for her amusement.

LENGTH : 4.26 mins FORMAT : M4V
FILESIZE : 124.47 MB RESOLUTION : 960x540

COST : 5.99 USD

Gucci boots on the pedals ADDED ON : 29th Jan 2013
During the filming of Crushing a little kid's bicycle, there was a lot of engine starts and driving around of the truck. This is just gratuitous engine starts and driving. The truck is hard to start so there is a lot of real priming and pedal pumping. She even has to drive with both feet to keep the engine from dying when she brings the truck to a stop. This is a compilation of all the engine starts and driving around from inside the truck at pedal POV.

LENGTH : 2.30 mins FORMAT : M4V
FILESIZE : 69.33 MB RESOLUTION : 960x540

COST : 2.99 USD

Crushing little kid's bike ADDED ON : 29th Jan 2013
Don't leave toys in this rich bitch's yard! She is on her way out in gucci boots, real fur jacket, and a jewels worth more than your house. This clip required no acting at all. She really is rich and she really doesn't give a fuck about the little kids in the neighborhood. One of them left their bike in her yard for the last time. She sees it on her way out of her estate, so she just halls it into the road and brutally crushes it under the tires of her 6000 pound truck. At the end, she drives off leaving it mangled and smashed in the road. Like I said, this is not acting, more like real life reaction caught on video... This is a real kids bike that was left in her yard. When she first saw it, she was going to just run it right over, but I convinced her to let me film it for you guys. Pedal Pumping, Car Crush, Rich Bitch!

LENGTH : 2.29 mins FORMAT : M4V
FILESIZE : 69.66 MB RESOLUTION : 960x540

COST : 4.00 USD

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