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W crushes big Morio worms under his big feet ADDED ON : 17th May 2014
This is the first time for W to do some crushing in his socks and he has also been seen in “Alpha Male stomping in sneakers and socks”. W is the biggest guy of them all and his stats are paramount; he is 6’7, 220 lbs and feet size 13-14! In this first video he takes on some really angry and big Morio meal worms stuck in a plastic bag where their faith will be set. You can hear how they pop and squish under his heavy feet as he casually walks off and on until at the end he finally makes sure they are all dead. In one scene you can actually see one worm stuck to his foot since the bag broke in a few places ;) I hope you will enjoy this very much, I certainly did. There will be more of W…..

LENGTH : 3.42 mins FORMAT : MPG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 486.80 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 8.76 USD

The meal worm massacre ADDED ON : 15th Dec 2013
J is back again and he is performing a true massacre of middle-sized meal worms with his size 45 feet. He is really mean and applies full weight on the more than three hundred victims. He uses his heels on them and his toes and you can hear them crunch from time to time. During the massacre he shows his soles to the cam and the dead and flattened bodies steadily increases under there and the socks gets more and more stained. Closer to the end of the massacre there must be like 100 victims under each foot. At the end he gathers them all in a pile and makes sure that they are dead. The entire massacre goes on for more than 12 minutes and you can see how the worms try to get away from his merciless feet by climbing up on them.

LENGTH : 12.31 mins FORMAT : MPG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 1.61 GB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 29.68 USD

Maggots get flattened again by M ADDED ON : 9th Nov 2013
In this second video, M is even more cocky and decides to pile up the maggots so that his big and heavy feet will do the worst of damage. He is actually starting out to like this, you can tell by how he makes sure that they are all flattened and dead. At the end he shows his soiled socked feet to the cam…… Enjoy!

LENGTH : 4.58 mins FORMAT : MPG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 655.39 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 11.80 USD

Crushing maggots ADDED ON : 9th Nov 2013
Let me introduce you to M who is a 26 yo guy with wide size 12 feet. He is 6’1 and he weighs about 190 lbs. He hates maggots and in this first video he takes on some hundreds small and young ones, some still red, which leaves marks on his socks ;) He is very cruel in how he flattes them, either picking them out with his toes or walking only on his heels on top of them. He starts out with removing his sneakers and then he walks up to them…. Enjoy!

LENGTH : 5.05 mins FORMAT : MPG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 672.12 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 12.10 USD

Trapped and doomed - under Js merciless feet ADDED ON : 14th Sep 2013
Now it is time for a new alpha male, let us call him J. J is 6’2, he weighs 185 lbs and has very flexible and sexy feet, size US 11.5. Imagine being trapped together with at least 60 other meal worms in a closed, transparent plastic bag and to find out that there is a very malicious guy walking over the bag, over and over again, mashing the, at first, lively worms more and more each time. The clip is filmed at floor level following the feet and the action very closely and also from the giant’s view as well. Sometimes he comes with his heavy and merciless heals first and most of the time he takes very short and evil steps that causes most pain and agony to the worms. At the end he first marches on the place and finally he singles them out, making sure that there is no life in the goo that remains in the bag….. Hope you enjoy this young and sexy guy in action.

LENGTH : 5.15 mins FORMAT : MPG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 347.60 MB RESOLUTION : 720x480

COST : 7.85 USD

His heavy feet - part 3 ADDED ON : 10th Sep 2013
Now A is really getting pissed with them trying to get up on his feet and he puts them back down on the floor under his merciless, trampling feet. They are all coming to an end as they get flatter and flatter during the session and when he shows his socked soles, loads of flattened worms cling to his impressive soles. He also uses his heavy heels on them, turned away from the cam. At the end he makes sure that they are all dead and shows his soles clearly to the cam. Beware my friends, A will be back ;)

LENGTH : 4.21 mins FORMAT : MPEG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 288.37 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.45 USD

His heavy feet - part 2 ADDED ON : 18th Aug 2013
In the second part, A gets busier as the number of meal worms increase on the floor and they try to get away from his heavy feet. You can see more and more worms cling to his feet after being flattened by his merciless, hard heels and by his never ending trampling. He shows one sole at one occasion which is full of corpses. The worms are smart though so they realize that a possible way to freedom is to get up on his feet. Not all are successful though…. Hope you enjoy the second coming of this three-part-crushing :)

LENGTH : 3.49 mins FORMAT : MPEG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 252.47 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 6.70 USD

His heavy feet - part 1 ADDED ON : 17th Aug 2013
In this clip, this big guy A (6'3, 210 lbs and feet size 13) tramples and crushes big meal worms under his heavy, big socked feet. He does it in this cocky manner where he does not bother at all about it, he just washes his hands and walks around the bathroom, not caring what happens under his feet. He is very cruel as you can see when he wiggles his feet and crushes the guts out of the worms, even so forcefully that is hits the camera lens. This is clip 1 out of 3 where I provide more worms on the floor as the filming goes on. I have chosen not to alter the content with regards of speed etc but I can recommend you to play it in slow motion for hot details as worms clinging to his feet and guts coming out etc :) Please let me know what you think about it to: feetyful@yahoo.com

LENGTH : 3.41 mins FORMAT : MPEG (Mpeg 2 Video)
FILESIZE : 244.35 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 6.60 USD

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