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Selfish Pageant Contestant Riley Kills Off The Competition 'PC ADDED ON : 19th Jan 2017
Riley is in the pageant to become Miss America and she aims to win it all. She knows that all the other girls are more talented, have better bodies, and are more beautiful than her and this lessens her chance of winning greatly. Right before the crowning, Riley transformed all the girls that she she thought might out beat her into tiny little crick women and now, she is determined to jam them beneath her sexy pageant heels. After firmly taping their tiny struggling bodies to the floor, she picks them off one by one, downgrading them and threatening them that they are never going to be Miss America! Using her long thumb finger to press on their tiny bodies until they explode beneath it. Then, she flattens some like a pancake beneath her giant heels. Sometimes, she shows them all her sexy round ass and sets directly on top of their bodies, coming at them like a giant rock until she pops them like a zit and their guts stick to her ass like glue. Finally, she removes her heels, exposing her bare wrinkly soles and finishes the rest off beneath her rough heels and bare toes. No one is going to stop Riley from getting that crown especially girls from states that no one even cares or thinks about! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 18.35 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 400.37 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 14.25 USD

Hali After Exercise Sweaty Sock Cru 'PC' ADDED ON : 19th Jan 2017
Hali has just got home from her morning run and is glowing from sweat. She stretches her long legs out and tries her hardest to catch her breath. Once she looks over at her little pets, her attitude quickly changes. Her treat everyday for working out is to have some cruel fun with them. After removing her sweaty stinky running shoes, she exposes her soiled, hot, sweaty, thick, white socks and can't wait to use them on her tiny victims! Picking them out on eby one, Hali places one tiny fish man at a time beneath her feet nefore raising them high into the air, hovering over them and then bringing them down, mashing their tiny bodies while laughing cruelly. Taking another tiny man from the bowl, she comments on how tiny they are compared to her long sky scraping finger nails and dangles it's squirming body right in front of her beautiful face studying it's absurd size. Next, as Hali searches for another victim, she stands in place, raising her heels, revealing splatters of guts stuck to her socks. Now using her big socked toe, she pops the tiny bodies like a pimple, feeling it bust beneath. Hali loves jamming the pathetic fish men beneath her sock because she can feel their bodies go lifeless and feel their guts squirt and explode everywhere. After she's satisfied, she finishes her workout routine by jumping and running in place on all her accumulated lifeless fish man below! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 12.52 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 277.52 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 10.00 USD

SECURITY Will Crush You!'PC' ADDED ON : 19th Jan 2017
sneaky customers love getting away with anything they can, but Not with Jill. Jill has a watchful eye, she can spot five finger discounters from a mile away. After Jill catches her 5 finger discounters she Shrinks them and sticks them in a little holding cell. Once Jill's Shift is over she takes them to the break room and has Lots of Fun punishing them for being criminals! Jill picks her thieves one by one. She takes them out and jamms them with her big flats, she then tortures the others by taping them to the ground. Jill taunts and teases until every five Finger discounter is punished!(Hidef)'PC'

LENGTH : 15.47 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 340.49 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 13.50 USD

Raven Unaware Worm Men Heel Toe Cru "PC' ADDED ON : 12th Jan 2017
Raven is dressed cutely in her bright red flouncy dress while talking on the phone with a girlfriend. As she stands barefoot in the kitchen, she's oblivious to anything around her (or below her). Trying to figure out her plans for the night, Raven paces around with no idea that there are several wiggling worm men below her on the floor. Never looking down, she slowly walks right on top of them with her big toe. As she pauses for a moment, the worm men wiggle and squirm trying to get free. Finally, she presses down hard as she goes to take another step and crushes them completely. Lifting her heel up, she brings them down slowly on top their tiny bodies, flattening them like a pancake. Using the ball of her foot, she pops them like a pimple and walks away, leaving their guts and white juices stuck to her soles. She keeps walking, stepping on top of victims she has already crushed and leaves them laying half alive. She has massacred tons of worm men around her and still has no idea! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 12.24 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 9.52 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 10.25 USD

Saige Retaliates Against Mom And Boyfriend 'PC' ADDED ON : 12th Jan 2017
Saige has been pissed off lately at her mom and boyfriend. Some of the things they have been doing lately lead her to believe hey have been having an affair. Also, they have hidden their goldies from her because they know how much she likes to crush them. However, Saige happens to be outside and spots the goldies hiding spot. Lucky for her, her mom and boyfriend just went to town together. Smiling, Saige pucks one goldie at a time from their water bowl and holds their tiny squirmy bodies right in front of her face. Using her index and thumb, she presses them together, flattening the goldie like a pancake. Sometimes she lets them fall to the ground and then uses the ball of her foot to make them explode everywhere! Her rough heels are perfect for popping them as well. he can hear them explode beneath her heel and squirt out from beneath. After each crush, she raises her heel and scrunches her toes, showing of the goldies sticky gooey remains stuck to her wrinkly naked soles. Surprisingly, Saige feels no remorse because she knows now her two enemy's will be super pissed and she will be the cause of it! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 17.43 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 381.04 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 14.25 USD

Veteran Teaches Rookie How To Crush 'PC' ADDED ON : 12th Jan 2017
Ashley is new to ssf and crushing. Lucky for her, she has Skyler with her to show her the ropes and shows her how to crush correctly while enjoying. As they snatch crick men out of the cage, Skyler takes charge and explains to the new rookie step by step what to do. She shows her how to hover her foot over their tiny bodies before slowly bringing it down and using the ball of her foot and her big toe to jam their entire bodies! The sounds of their tiny bodies crumpling beneath their feet make crushing even more fun! Skyler shows her how to use her heel to end her victims life and the girls even use both their big toes to crush both half their tiny prisoners bodies. In the end, Ashley is looking forward to flattening more tiny cricks on her own! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 14.02 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 302.61 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 11.50 USD

Saige Makes Tiny Crick Man Perv Watch 'PC' ADDED ON : 12th Jan 2017
Saige is in her room and is in the process of getting herself dressed and ready for the day. Little does she know, her stalker is watching her carefully from a small distance. Finally, she catches him as she is sliding on her black bootie heels to match her black clothing choice. Knowing what a pervert he is, and how much he is mesmerized by her, she offers him to follow her downstairs into the kitchen for a surprise. Once in the kitchen, she holds up a magic and in front of his face and watches as he shrinks down into a tiny crick man in front of her black bootie feet. Peering down at him with a huge grin on her face, she tells her tiny perv that she is now going to crush all of his friends right in front of him and save him for last! Without further remarks, Saige quickly begins grabbing crickman after crickman, exterminating them quickly by several different torture techniques. Every technique she uses, she is very sexy and playful with her victims and also for her tiny stalker below her. First, she uses her giant sky-scraping fingers to explode them between her fingers, letting them fall to the floor, ignoring if they are still alive. Sometimes, she slaps them between her palms, ending them instantly. Lighting up a cig, she uses the burning end of it to cook her victims insides and them drops them to the floor in front of her tiny perv and finishes it off with her sexy black bootie. Saige loves flattening the tiny cricks between her plump breasts and over top of female part, hoping the tiny stalker crickman gets turned on. Finally, she paces over her lifeless victims on the floor and grabs her final pervert victim. She raises him to her face and uses all the strength of her fingers to squeeze all of his juices out. Then, she casually tosses him to the floor, along with all his tiny non moving friends! 'PC'(HiDef

LENGTH : 18.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 391.07 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 15.25 USD

Candice turns up And Jamms'PC' ADDED ON : 3rd Jan 2017
Candice is getting ready to go out, but before she goes she has a little fun for everybody! Candice turns on her best jamms and starts jamming her little wormen friends. Candice dances on top of them, all around them and slams her foot down on them! As Candice crushes you get great views of her small wide feet. You see her stomp and Jamm Every wormen, Candice loves having a pre- party before going out! (Hidef)'PC'

LENGTH : 11.10 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 240.48 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 9.50 USD

Riley loves their taste 'PC' ADDED ON : 27th Dec 2016
Riley has her tiny Pillmen captured and is hungry for fresh raw meat. She pulls one (1) out at a time to play with them before devouring them in her ravenous mouth and sucking them up in her spit! 'PC' (hi Def)

LENGTH : 14.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 5.50 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 12.75 USD

Jill Treads On The Haters 'PC' ADDED ON : 27th Dec 2016
Jill is so tired of all the bullies at school picking on her for being overweight. Traumatizing her, telling her that her tits, ass, thighs, etc., are too large. Today, Jill has a plan to get all of them back and teach them a lesson. Since they think she needs to lose weight, they are going to workout with her! First, she transformed them all into tiny little crickmen and super glued them firmly to her treadmill so whenever her big bare feet step on the black platform, she will also be stepping on their tiny stuck bodies! Turning the treadmill on, she begins walking fast and steady, stepping on her victims, flattening them like a pancake. Once they are all oozing with juices, she glues more haters to be crushed beneath her big stinky feet. Maybe next time, her insensitive classmates will think twice before making fun of her weight! 'PC' (HiDef)

LENGTH : 17.12 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 363.83 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 14.25 USD

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