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Raven Has No Clue Cricks Are Sticking To Her Heel Like Glue 'P ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Raven has just arrived home from a very long tiring day at work. She has already slipped out of her hot sweaty sneakers ad is fumbling around her kitchen barefoot, looking for something good to eat. While she wanders around, she has no idea tiny cricks are surrounding her kitchen floor! All the while she is searching for food, she is crushing them one by one! She even calls up a friend to see if they want to meet up to grab a bite to eat while she continues to jam them unaware beneath her sweaty soles and toes! Finally, she brings her foot up to her face and realizes what she has been stepping on this whole time! They are everywhere! Now, she flattens every one she can find but this time she's on a hunt for them! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 12.20 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 265.33 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 10.00 USD

Gigi Sexy Hot Bikini Jam 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Gigi is looking sexy as ever in her coral push up bikini. As each crick man falls to the floor, their fate is beneath Gigi's giant naked sole! With no chance of escape for the tiny cricks, Gigi raises her foot high into the air and brings it down hard on top their tiny bodies, flattening them like a pancake! Using her big toe only, she separates their head from their squirming bodies and then shows off all their juicy remains beneath her sole and toes! Pacing around, Gigi uses her rough heel to pop the tinies like a zit and because she is so proud of her accomplishments, she always shows off their sticky wet juices that remain on her wrinkly soles. 'PC'(hiDef)

LENGTH : 18.29 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 398.13 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 15.25 USD

Addison Gets a Good Massage'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Addison is finally off after a long day at the prison, on her way out she decided to steal some prisoners that have given her a hard time and turn them into crickmen! addison brings them home and lets the fun begin, she slips them into her slippers and jamms them with her stocking feet! Addison takes each and every stinky prisoner and gives them the special treatment they deserve! Addison makes sure to degrade them and let them know their place and that they belong under her stinky stocking soles!'PC'

LENGTH : 20.19 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 303.19 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 15.50 USD

Tiny Perv Cricks Must Pay With Their Lives 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Addison walks into the kitchen with a pair of her dirty hot pink panties dangling from her hand. Stopping in front of her cage of perv crick men, she decides to lure the tiny bastards out with the pair of used panties. One by one, the pervs latch on to her bait and she snatches them up. using different methods to end their pathetic lives, she humiliates and downgrades them before finishing them off! Since all her victims are pervs, she uses her most sexy assets off her body to tease them! She uses her crotch area, breasts, and ass to end their lives and gives them one last look of what they most desire before they die! Other times, she tosses them up in the air and explodes them between her hands! Addison doesn't stop until all the pervs are punished and get what they deserve! PC(HiDef)

LENGTH : 17.11 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 369.58 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 14.25 USD

Hali Jams Pets For her Entertainment 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Hali has all her little pets taped on their backs to keep them from escaping her stinky boot feet. After removing her red hot boots, she rubs her hot soiled socks all over their squirming bodies while giggling. Then, she removes her socks exposing her naked, bare, sweaty soles! Starting with the first crick man, she uses her big bare toe too press down and pop his tiny body like a zit and watches as his insides ooze all over the glass table. Using the ball of her foot, she flattens the next crick like a pancake, feeling his remains cover the bottom of her sole. For her little mants, she has a better idea that is way more entertaining than crushing them. After blowing hot air on their tiny bodies, she licks them up into her mouth and grinds them between her teeth, mixing them with her hot saliva. Then, she swallows their tiny pieces and props her bare juicy soles up in front of her, to show off her pets remains! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 12.52 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 277.00 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 11.50 USD

Tylers Death Game 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Tyler explains to all her little crick men that she is going to play a game with them! After explaining all the rules, she snatches them out of their cage one by one and tosses them to the game board on the floor. Whatever body part they land on, is the exact body part Tyler crushes them against! some land on fingers and she pops their guts all over her hands! A few land on ass and she flattens them like a pancake against her bubble booty! When they land on breasts, Tyler places them between her huge knockers and squeezes them together as hard as she can. This new game is fun and interesting and lets the crick men choose exactly how they will die! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 16.09 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 346.21 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 13.25 USD

Kay kay Has A Body Party 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Kay Kay Found herself some pervs on her way home , normally she puts up with their funky attitudes and rude comments, but today she has other plans. as she walks by she shrinks them all, and snatches them up! Once Kay Kay is home she lets the games begin with the little nasty Crickmen. Kay Kay is going to train them up and show them exactly whos the boss! Kay Kay pulls one Crickmen out and dismembers him piece by piece and slowly lets him fall to the ground. The Next crickmen she chooses to train gets jammed between her large fingers, Kay Kay shows no remorse for the nasty pervs. As Kay Kay Continues to jamm and tease, one lucky crickmen gets set on fire... Kay Kay then lets him fall to the ground to finish him off! Kay Kay saves the best for last, she gives a show to the nasty crickmen that always wanted to talk about her. Kay Kay strips off her shirt and begins crushing them slowly to death on her body, she lets them see it all since they have so much to say about her banging hot body. Kay Kay Doesn't stop there, the nastiest crickmen get jammed in between her but cheeks so she can show them whos boss once and for all!(HIdef)'PC' (Contains Nudity)

LENGTH : 19.15 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 413.96 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 17.50 USD

Holiday Finger and Heel Jamms'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Holiday walks past some nasty men that hang out on the street corner everyday on her way home, but today they picked with the wrong girl. Holiday was so fed up with being called nasty names, she played a trick and shrunk them all. Now that the little nasty Crickmen are with her and so tiny and helpless,she brings them how to show them just how nasty she can be. Holiday chases each one with her giant hands, while they scatter and run from her but eventually she ends up firmly grabbing them one by one as she takes each little nasty Crickmen out of the cage getting the ultimate revenge. Holiday jamms them between her long slender fingers and throws them to the ground, using her giant size 11s to grind them into the ground underneath her heel! Holiday seeks perfect revenge on each nasty little scum bag! 'PC'

LENGTH : 19.50 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 33.78 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 15.99 USD

Kat Defeats The Spacemen Part 1 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Kat has just received a message from the captain of the spacemen informing her that if she doesn't release his crew and let the ships return home, there will be consequences to pay. Kat only laughs at this threat and peers down at all the ships and tiny spacemen that she has trapped inside her home. She has devised a game that lets her capture spacemen/ships, and crush them all! After slipping on her sandals, she paces over to the trapped spacemen pies and their ships. Easily, she raises one foot high into the air and crushes their ships with hardly any effort at all! Moving to the spies, she taunts and teases them before flattening them beneath her sandal like a pancake. Their squish proof suits are till easily crushable for an evil giantess witch like herself. To make things more interesting, she slips out of her shoes and uses her bare feet to finish crushing her enemies. She drops the bagged up spacemen onto the glass table and uses her sole to pop them like a zit. She watches as their guts explode in the plastic bag and stick to the plastic like glue while she forces the commander to watch! There are plenty more tiny spies left to crush but she decides to finish the rest off in her own giant kitchen! 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 16.52 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 363.61 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 12.99 USD

Kat Defeats The Spacemen Part 2 'PC' ADDED ON : 21st Jun 2017
Kat set a witch trap and has just caught all the tiny spacemen spies that were trying to capture her along with their captain that ordered them to go after her. However, she is way too smart for them and easily captured them and plans on showing them no remorse. After snatching them one by one from their cage, she tosses them on the floor and uses all her weight to crush them beneath her sandals. Their squish proof suits are very durable an hard to defeat, but Kat not only uses all her weight but also twists, turns, and kneads them into the floor. She informs the captain that his new suits need more work and uses the sole of her sandals to flatten a few more before finishing off the rest of the spies barefoot. Finally, the captain is all that's left and is surrounded by Kat's gigantic bare soles. With a few easy stomps, she finishes off the captain even with his squish proof vest on. The tiny spacemen's attempt to defeat her reign, ends in fail and Kat will be ready for their net attack. 'PC'(HiDef)

LENGTH : 16.31 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 9)
FILESIZE : 356.09 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 12.99 USD

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