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.....Crush Fetish
001 Sveta
001 Sveta and 002 Katya
002 Katya
003 Sunny
004 Helen
004 Helen (HD)
004 Helen (Photo)
005 Leonora
005 Leonora (HD)
006 Anya
008 Nadya
008 Nadya and 009 Yana
009 Yana
010 Elvira
012 Ksenia
012 Ksenia (HD)
013 Mary
014 Natasha
015 Oksana
016 Lena
017 Julia
018 Kitty
018 Kitty (HD)
019 Olga
022 Lisa
022 Lisa and 009 Yana
139 Kate
139 Kate (HD)
148 Megan
148 Megan (4K)
148 Megan (HD)
149 Molly
149 Molly (4K)
149 Molly (HD)
150 Jenna
150 Jenna (4K)
150 Jenna (HD)
151 Kate
151 Kate (4K)
151 Kate (HD)
152 Morgan
152 Morgan (4K)
152 Morgan (HD)
153 Natalie
153 Natalie (4K)
153 Natalie (HD)
154 Annette
154 Annette (4K)
154 Annette (HD)
155 Zoe
155 Zoe (4K)
155 Zoe (HD)
156 Pamela
156 Pamela (4K)
156 Pamela (HD)
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Candid clips (HD)
Street clips
Street clips (HD)
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 4K is here!

I'm filming in 4K now and most of the new clips are available in this resolution! These clips are twice as large as HD 1080 though, and XFM scripts set minimum prices on them automatically, so they're slightly overpriced, but I hope they're worth it if you want uncompromised quality and 3840x2160 resolution, which is exactly 4 times larger than current HD picture size!

Some technical details: these clips are encoded with modern x265 (HEVC) codec, designed as an industry standard for 4K content, with AAC sound in MP4 container. You will need to install h265/HEVC decoder or get one of many popular free media players on your PC to be able to watch them!

I recommend these:
Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Daum PotPlayer
Or get this codec pack:
LAV Filters

> Subtitles

Since 2015 all clips where model says more than a few words have embedded English softsubs in SRT format, which should be displayed by default by any player capable of displaying subtitles (see the above links to recommended ones).

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