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Spit on you! ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
You can feel how it is to be Goddess Pio's victim while She spits on your fucking face. She spitting on you while She smoking cigarette and She also blowing smoke to your face... She is smiling to you and still spits again and again. Until your face isn't full of her divine spittles...

LENGTH : 5.54 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 144.69 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 5.99 USD

POI POI Beating (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
VERY UNUSUAL and ENJOYABLE VIDEO! Goddess Pio is standing on her slave's body and She is playing VERY NICE with her poi-s. She is trampling on him all time and doing really awesome moves with her feet in sweaty white sneakers. And all this is very ENJOYABLE... That She is upkeeing her stability in this... Look at the mix of caressing play with her poi-s and of cruel beating to his head and trampling on his body !!! She also spits to his mouth for more times. She SLAPPING him with her poi-s to his face and She is playing with his mentality by this. She is moving on his body pending She is playing with poi-s. She trample him and drub to him too...

LENGTH : 5.00 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 177.35 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 4.99 USD

Old trashed sneakers worship and socks smelling (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Goddess Pio allowed her slave for that he can now worship her old trashed sneakers. She just comfortable sitting and watching TV and at other way enjoying this service from her slave. He licking soles of her very used sneakers and She commanding him to kissing her sneakers and She kicking him to his body. Then She take off her sneakers and put her socked feet on his nose that he must sniffing her hot stinky feet. And She is playing with his nose by her awesome feet!

LENGTH : 9.08 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 273.71 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 8.50 USD

Face slapping & spitting ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Oh, what a great fun :)) I love to play with my slave with slapping to his face! I like to doing mental abuse this way. So I used him this time as my victim and I also spitting to his mouth. My spit is the most beautiful thing for you! Also I drinking water from my boblet and spitting all from my mouth to his face and to his mouth... And again I slapped him for more times. Will I slap? Or not? Really good feeling for Me. Am I cruel? Am I sadistic? :)) Also he is ordered to sniff my socked feet and I dust out water from his face with my socks and I dust them to his T-shirt coz I want again slapping him... With hands and with my feet also. I like his submission so much and I am really enjoying it all. I want to be bad.

LENGTH : 7.01 mins FORMAT : WMV (Windows Media Video 8)
FILESIZE : 83.34 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 6.99 USD

Bear slippers trample (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Awesome Goddess Pio's feet in slippers! Her slave is under her divine feet and She abuse him by trampling on him. She is walking on his body and face and dominate him with her feet... She also slapping him with her slippered feet to his face. For a little while She orders him to lick soles of her slippers... And kicking him to his balls. And then again trample and slapping him... Very nice but in another way dominating trampling...

LENGTH : 9.04 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 270.17 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 8.50 USD

Flip flops worship & Trample ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Goddess Pio orders her slave to lick soles of her flip flops. He is worshipping her feet and cleaning soles. She is slapping him to his face with her feet in flip flops and humiliate him with her feet on his face when She chaffing her feet on his head and hairs... Sheis playing with her cat while her slave is worshipping her feet. She drink a water from bottle and spit to his face and She is laughing on him... Then she stand up to his body and trample him. She is kicking him to his balls and jumping on him. Also She is slapping him to his face with her awesome style of footslapping! Amazing Goddess who is really enjoying to brutalize her slaves...

LENGTH : 10.05 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 167.30 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 9.99 USD

Dirty socks and sneakers worship 2 (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Detailed capture. So there you can see Goddess's sweaty sneakers, socks and bare feet in full beauty. Her slave is ordered to lick the dirt of her sneakers and She is still slapping him to his face while She trample him. Later She take of her sneakers and She is slapping him with them in her hands and again orders him to lick soles. He must also sniffing inner of her sneaker... She is ordering him to sniff her dirty hot socks and when She take them of then She put them on his nose also to his mouth and her feet remains on his face and She just playing with her feet on his nose and mouth. Again She slapping him to his face with her awesome bare feet and She is putting her feet into his mouth and orders him to lick her soles and toes. Really nice feet play and all of this.

LENGTH : 7.40 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 177.32 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.50 USD

Dirty socks and sneakers worship (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Goddess Pio doing nice and hard trampling on her footslave's body. She is ordering him to lick the soles of her really dirty sneakers after party where She was dancing on gravel. She slapping him to his face with feet also with her hands and She spitting to his mouth her sweaty Goddess spits. She sit on his body and orders him to clean her soles of sneakrs with his tongue. She takes of her sneakers and orders him to sniff her dirty white socks and She is gagging him with her feet. Again and again and She spitting to his mouth, slapping him with her bare feet while She takes of her socks and takes it to his nose and into hismouth and again She tramles him and She is jumping on his body..

LENGTH : 8.41 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 131.80 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.99 USD

Buffalo sneakers licking abuse (HD) ADDED ON : 2nd Jan 2015
Goddess Pio's foot slave is ordered to licking soles and all over her sneakers while She is reading a magazine. Goddess is smoking and while She want to srop an ash so then She have her whip to use it to whipping her slave to his face and he come near She and She is dropping ash to his mouth as She is making him as her human ashtray. You can see there Goddess Pio's full beauty at her pretty face while She is reading magazine. And while She is controlling that if her sneakers soles are licked properly. She is playing with her slave's mentality by humiliating him with hitting him to his head with her magazine while She rolled it. She is looking at him and enjoying how her soles being to be clean...

LENGTH : 7.59 mins FORMAT : MOV
FILESIZE : 236.41 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 7.99 USD

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