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08 Snails ADDED ON : 15th Feb 2017
In this video I smashed 10 snails with my worn brown boots. Cruelly, as always. Persons, who like to see guts stuck in treds would especially enjoy this product.

LENGTH : 5.49 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 277.93 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 6.33 USD

07 Snails ADDED ON : 11th Feb 2017
These spots used to be snails... before meeting with me:)
Watch me twisting them under my worn ankle boots in this clip. Some heels crushings and views from my point of view are included.

LENGTH : 8.01 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 411.85 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 8.67 USD

06 Snails ADDED ON : 22nd Nov 2016
You can see 10 juicy snails crushed under my blue ballet flats in this clip. Most of them were stepped on few times, without twisting or grinding. Of course, their guts stuck to my soles and you can see it good many times during this clip. At the end of video I send a kiss for my fans and went away, while my victim's juices were flowing down the ramp.

LENGTH : 5.00 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 239.46 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 5.69 USD

05 Snails ADDED ON : 16th Nov 2016
This time I put on my sexy black pumps again, but now I decided to smash some snails!
Look at me filming crushing process by myself. I had a lot of fun doing that!

LENGTH : 5.03 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 259.71 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 6.15 USD

04 Snails ADDED ON : 10th Nov 2016
No wasting time, just crushing! You can see crushings from my point of view, views of my face and body, snails explosions in slow motion replays and my black flat's soles, which became from clear white to brown after crushing 11 snails in this clip.

LENGTH : 3.22 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 173.33 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 4.92 USD

03 Snails ADDED ON : 8th Nov 2016
This time I crush big and juicy snails with my blue Converse Allstar. You can see the new stuff we've just introduced in this clip: replays of the most spectacular explosions of my victims in slow motion.

LENGTH : 4.37 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 455.07 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 8.19 USD

02 Snails ADDED ON : 29th Oct 2016
In this video 13 snails found their fate under bottom of my black peep toe sandals. Half of them were crushed not to the death at first. After that I walked on them again filming process from my point of view.

LENGTH : 4.03 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 179.04 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 5.72 USD

01 Snails ADDED ON : 27th Oct 2016
Hello, guys! This is my very first crush fetish clip. I used to crush any insect I found since childhood, therefore it wasn't a problem for me to kill 12 snails just in two minutes. Two last snail's crushing I filmed myself, so you can see it from my point of view.

LENGTH : 2.46 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 211.97 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

STOCK : In Stock
COST : 4.85 USD

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