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Bored housewife looking for a little fun. I create custom videos per request, ranging from candid, trample, heel job, food and object crush (NOTHING LIVE) and anything involving murderous stilettos.
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Explosive Crush ADDED ON : 20th Jan 2017
This one is a must see. This clip involves nasty bugs, her new pencil thin stilettos, and super short shorts. She complains about her loser hubby and that her boy toy is not available for a quick fuck. So she does what she knows best. Kills! Watch her have fun and the last two kills will POP like no other. Involves taping to a creamer packet. Custom videos upon request at candidstiletto@gmail.com

LENGTH : 10.52 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 303.32 MB RESOLUTION : 960x720

COST : 14.99 USD

Little Red Riding Bitch! ADDED ON : 19th Jan 2017
Stiletto Gal had done it again. She can’t stay away from death and destruction. This gal really loves to crush in the sexiest outfits. In this clip she is all dolled up in red stiletto boots, micro mini leather shorts and a red top. She decided to change the script at the start and gives an amazing hand job to the camera guy. The load hits her shorts and stiletto boots! Then the fun begins. She crushes several dead critters like roaches, worms and snails that go “POP”. Her cum crusted shorts are available for sale. Custom videos upon request at candidstiletto@gmail.com

LENGTH : 9.40 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 134.90 MB RESOLUTION : 960x720

COST : 14.99 USD

Cum On My Victims ADDED ON : 16th Jan 2017
Stiletto Gal is up to her murdering schemes again. Wants to stick that ultra-rare and skinny metal stiletto into her loser hubbies eye. Instead she humiliates him, teases his dick, then demonstrating how lethal the murder stilettos are. She then makes him jerk off on several victims. At the end of the clip Stiletto Gal uses these rare stilettos to POP a few snail shells covered with creamy cum. Custom videos available upon request at candidstiletto@gmail.com

LENGTH : 9.22 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 91.46 MB RESOLUTION : 960x720

COST : 14.99 USD

Leather Leg Job ADDED ON : 16th Jan 2017
Just a simple leg fuck. I wanted you all to see my perspective, when I meet a sexy stud and don't feel like fucking. In this clip I have this pool boy fuck my leather pants as my tight ass is in his face. Of course, when the boy cums, it droops right to my toes. Fuck, I love the feeling of hot cum on my toes!!! Custom videos upon request at candidstiletto@gmail.com

LENGTH : 5.20 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 48.19 MB RESOLUTION : 960x720

COST : 6.99 USD

Silenced Foot/HeelJob ADDED ON : 15th Jan 2017
Stiletto Gal went too far this time. She dresses up in sexy leather pants with her new Dimarni Stiletto Heels. She calls her boy toy for help taking care of her husband, and not in a good way. Armed with her sexy suppressed rifle she sets out to collect insurance money. After the husband is dealt with she takes care of her boy toy in the same bed with a sexy heel/foot job. For custom clips and photos email: Candidstiletto@gmail.com

LENGTH : 11.53 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 179.68 MB RESOLUTION : 960x720

COST : 14.99 USD

Blonde Bomb Shell Handjob ADDED ON : 7th Jan 2017
Stiletto Gal is up to no good; her hubby bought her new lingerie, though she decides to humiliate, step on, and belittle her husband. He is lucky to get a super fast handjob because she has a hot 18 year old boy toy she prefers to fuck. In this clip she uses her ultra thin stilettos, and gives her loser husband a handjob. Fucker only lasts a few minutes before he POPS!

LENGTH : 3.43 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 72.35 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 8.99 USD

Sinful Deeds in Hubby's Truck ADDED ON : 3rd Jan 2017
Tired of her husband, stiletto gal decided to take out her man’s truck for a spin. She decides to pick up a total stranger and pop him in her hubby’s new truck. What a shame, loser has no idea what his wife is up to and the young stranger got a deal of a lifetime. This is real footage, not staged.

LENGTH : 2.15 mins FORMAT : mp4
FILESIZE : 281.31 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 5.99 USD

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