Welcome to Cruel Crushmaster...
A shop for anyone who enjoys male crush gay or straight, male or female, black or white, earthling or alien.

I squish bugs for fun and crush them for MY pleasure. The crunch gives me a boner.
I enjoy stepping on them, hearing their final screams under my sole before I grind them into oblivion and carry the remains in my treads.

No mercy, no regrets, no remorse. I kill for pure titillation.
100’s of Shops, selling original photo and video content for every niche imaginable...
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.....Crush Fetish
.....Foot/Shoe Fetish
.....Gay Interest

Cowboy Boots (HD)
Cowboy Boots
Boots Others (HD)
Boots Others
Sneakers (HD)
Socks/Barefoot (HD)
Object Crush (HD)
Object Crush
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