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Roma's Hotel Massacre SFX ADDED ON : 23rd Aug 2017
Rumor has it there is a haunted room at Hotel Carrillo. Room 107. Guests are shrunken down to minuscule size, or so they say. Checking-in, Giantess Roma has no idea what tiny little surprises lie ahead. As for the trapped shrunken guests...Good Luck.

LENGTH : 13.28 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 298.62 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 13.99 USD

Wrath of the Forest Goddess SFX ADDED ON : 21st Aug 2017
People of society are cruel, selfish and completely inconsiderate of Mother Nature. When the people of a nearby forest village ruin their water supply...they go to the fabled Forest Goddess for help. When they find her, it isn't help they receive...but Her mighty Wrath.

LENGTH : 11.55 mins FORMAT : M4V
FILESIZE : 285.02 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 12.99 USD

Roma's Small Town Massacre SFX ADDED ON : 19th Aug 2017
Brandy (Roma) is a small-town girl, aching to escape. The people in the town think of her as just a dumb townie...but when a strange visitor from the sky appears...Brandy begins to GROW. It is now time to exact her revenge on the town she's GROWN to hate.

LENGTH : 8.06 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 131.50 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 11.99 USD

Roma's Science Experiment's SFX ADDED ON : 18th Aug 2017
Dr. Roma is in the middle of conducting vital experiments that could change the world as we know it - The shrinking of human test subjects in search of genetic evolution. But what happens when the Scientist abuses her power and the experiments on her helpless test subjects go too far?

LENGTH : 19.11 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 404.23 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 19.99 USD

The Waking Step-Mom (SFX) ADDED ON : 16th Aug 2017
Roma, trophy wife and Step-Mom to her husband's son wakes up to an empty house. Or so she thinks. Curious about the night before, when her step-son had his friends over for a big sleep-over, she wanders the house wondering where everyone had gone. She wished for the house all to herself, today...Her wish has been granted. This is the second edition of the "Waking" Unaware Series. 

LENGTH : 31.40 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 903.94 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 24.99 USD

The Tiny Green Men SFX ADDED ON : 15th Aug 2017
In an enchanted forest far, far away live some very tiny, very LUCKY green men. Rumor has it, if you can find and collect just a few of them, you will gain lots of luck and fortune. Giantess Roma has ventured to this forest to do just that. Unfortunately, though, many of them are much too small for Roma to see...and only the green ones are lucky. Those little ones that aren't green will most likely just end up to be little stains on the bottom of her soles.

LENGTH : 8.10 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 287.69 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 11.99 USD

Roma's Hotel Massacre Part 2 (SFX) ADDED ON : 13th Aug 2017
You were told not to stay in room 207...but you were never warned about room 908. On a night quite like any other, a dozen little tourists found themselves trapped in a luxury haunted hotel room. Watch what happens when Giantess Roma checks in and all the poor little people check out.

LENGTH : 10.45 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 255.90 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 13.99 USD

Roma's Ant Problem ADDED ON : 12th Aug 2017
Roma's back from a nice, long walk. Her feet are real sweaty in her flats. She comes home to a bunch of tiny invaders - Ants. Since she loves crushing tiny men so very much, it seemed equally as gratifying to crush these little scoundrels. This is an 8-minute, simple ant crush clip - per many fan's request. This is not a feature fx film. Enjoy :)

LENGTH : 8.15 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 489.82 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 9.99 USD

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