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Right front tyre going flat and driving on it ADDED ON : 10th Oct 2017
Driving a VW Passat and letting the air out on the right front tyre.

Watch it going down and at the end it's totally flat and making some great noise from the rubber tyre.

First time flat for this tyre but it is so soft rubber

14.10 minutes of driving.

LENGTH : 14.10 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 1.04 GB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 19.21 USD

Enjoying a cake ADDED ON : 10th Oct 2017
We start with masturbation and playing with ballerina flats, the play ends with a cumshot over a Princess Cake.

Then my fiancée is playing with the cake in high heels. Stepping on it with stiletto heels, crush it under the soles. Trampling on it with feets in nylon stockings, then putting on the heels again. Very messy and slippery.
Sorry to says but the preview doesn't show the messy shoe/footjob on the cake

Shot with four cameras.

Format: MP4, 1280x720, 25 fps
Length: 14 min

LENGTH : 13.00 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 1.55 GB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 28.54 USD

New right rear tyre is flat and driven on ADDED ON : 10th Oct 2017
VW Golf with new tyres and the right rear is totally flat and driven on in the road, with some snow and on a wet street with streetlamps.

It started with my gf (who knows about my fetisch for flat tyres) had let the air out of the right front tyre while the car was parked in the street. We were of to a job and she should drive. I went around on the passenger side and noticed it looked kind of flat and said 'Du you have a flat?'. She looked surprised and came around to my side.
She confessed that she had left the car with the air slowly leaking from the tyre and hoped it would have been flat when we left, and it had. She said 'Lets move the car to a better place to fill it up'.
She drove away on the flat just 20 meters but that was the first flat drive with that car and those tyres. I just love her. We filled it up and went to our job. While we were working for an hour, we slowly let the air out of the rear tyre. When coming out, it was flat. So this video is from this moment, driving slowly back and forth on the street with some snow and then we drove a kilometre on the flat. Ends with some photos of the warm tyre.

Movie length: 04:50 minutes
Movie size: 558 MB
Reolution: 1920 x 1080

LENGTH : 4.50 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 558.27 MB RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

COST : 10.05 USD

4 flats first try of movie ADDED ON : 10th Oct 2017
4 tyres flat. Don't show all on video though but...

We flattened all four tires on the car. This was the first time for three of them and the second time for the fourth. So they were still rather hard and didn't show as flat as they could be but still the feeling of driving on all four flat is nice.

Short video with masking of some areas on the screen.

First two minutes is the right rear tyre going down. Then driving on them for 3.40 min.
Tyres are 225/40R18

It was a very nice drive. First time flat for all but one tyre.

MÅ4, 720p, 5.45 min

LENGTH : 5.46 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 371.67 MB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 6.69 USD

Flat front tyre trashed part 1 ADDED ON : 9th Oct 2017
We've bought 4 tyres just to drive on them flat. Here are one of the mounted on front right. Total length of movie 22.12 min.
The whole movie is shot on public roads where we could meet other people, though it was at 1 am in the morning. The complete drive was more than 60 minutes.
We started with it all filled up. Put a stone in the valvecap and let the air out slowly. Drove through a lot of areas with houses while the tyre went flat.
First stop a parkinglot for check, some short still pictures shows it's going down but not flat. Drove some more around the houses and second stop at another parkinglot. Some more still pictures showing it almost flat now. We drive in the parkinglot, backing and turning and some water puddles.
Then off onto the road again over some speedbumps and into a bigger street. The tyre is not completely flat yet so we stop at the roadside (That's 6.48 min into the movie). We let all air out so it's totally empty.
Now a drive on the flat tyre for 40 minutes, ended up as 15 min in the movie with total flat.
While driving you can see the rubber on the sides being rubbed off against the asphalt. In the end the sides are all trashed and have big holes in them. Some stillpictures in the end too.

This is the first part of driving on this tyre. It is still holding together and we plan on taking it for more drives. Starting of with mounting the trashed tyre and lower the car down, watching the rubber spreading out on the ground. We might use a knife if necessary to speed it up. Next movie will destroy this tyre, hopefully it will at the end fall of the rim and we will just drive on the rim... But we'll see...

Movie info
Total length: 22.12 min
File size: 1.61 GB
Format: MP4, HD 720p

LENGTH : 22.12 mins FORMAT : MP4
FILESIZE : 1.50 GB RESOLUTION : 1280x720

COST : 27.64 USD

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